Natalya Platonova

Russian speaker Natalya was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and moved to the UK when she was 10 years old learning English via reading Harry Potter and was a child model for Debenhams and various teen magazines. She studied Journalism at City University in London and she then worked at an events company called Last Supper for around 4 years helping organise and host many events including Elton John’s wedding. She travelled across the globe and organised events as well as assisting with the opening of a nightclub in Cairo in 2013. She also worked as a Russian linguist and translated for the legal services at HMP Belmarsh.

She joined the Army Reserves as an officer cadet in 2011. She did this for 4 years before joining the Regular army in 2015. This was very out of the norm to the glamorous girl her friends and family knew, but she craved adventure, discipline and a challenge.

On completion of training at ATR Pirbright, she trained as a Military Policewoman conducting General Policing Duties in Catterick Garrison. She has worked as a Russian Linguist in the military since 2017 and is now currently part of the Army Diversity Team at Sandhurst.

In 2019 she deployed on Op CABRIT –  codename for the British Army’s deployment to Eastern Europe as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence. She had the primary role of managing the operational social media channels and being the primary interlocutor with Russian speaking audiences during hundreds of engagement events including specific work at an orphanage in Narva, Estonia. She coordinated with event organisers and liaised with a range of Estonian businesses that supported Op CABRIT information campaigns with the design and delivery of relationship building merchandise. She also developed working relationships with 35 Estonian Social Media influencers who have a collective followership of 420,000 among a population of 1.3million. She also partook in various print and tv interviews for Russian and Estonian audiences.

Following Op CABRIT, she took an integral role in the presentation of Soldier’s Story, providing a cultural insight to the 8 countries along the Op TRACTABLE road move.

Late 2019 she briefed the Prime Minister on her operational output and received a CFA Commendation for her role on Op CABRIT.

She starred and won Channel 4’s show The Circle in 2021.

She works as a Prison mentor in her spare time for a charity called PACT and loves wild camping, fitness and the outdoors. She also loves to remove her military identity in her spare time and dressing up to the nines.