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    Luke Franks

    Luke Franks is a presenter, content creator and highly respected authority on AI, the metaverse and future technologies, who is recognized for hosting the popular podcast Welcome to the Metaverse.   

    Having interviewed the brightest minds across Web3 and AI, Luke is at the forefront of advancements in the digital landscape. Considered one of the top metaverse thought leaders and content creators, Luke is a highly sought-after speaker who articulately speaks on several topics including the metaverse, Web3, AI, gaming, the role of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Making frequent appearances on prominent media outlets such as VICE, BBC, Channel 4, TalkRadio and The Athletic to share his metaverse insight, Luke has become an incredibly popular metaverse specialist whose experience of the virtual world has made him an in-demand panellist. He himself owns a farm of NFT racing chickens, digital real estate and 4 pairs of valuable digital sneakers.   

  • As well as being an expert in all things metaverse, Luke also lends his creativity to TV formats. In 2020, he saw his own pitch commissioned for Sky Kids, Ultimate Video Skills. Luke presented the show which explained and illustrated the techniques behind creating video tricks. In 2021, he also fronted ITV’s Mini Movies, a show that made children and their families the stars of movie trailers by adding special effects in post-production. The show introduces children to the filmmaking world and invites them behind the scenes, giving them a fresh insight into how movies are made.   

    The summer of 2020 saw Luke’s first acting role as “Raptor” in the Sky Original series I Hate Suzie alongside Billie Piper. The following year, Luke’s debut novel, Jamie McFlair Vs The Boyband Generator was released and has seen significant sales success as well as a follow up book, Jamie McFlair Vs The Ultimate Brain Hack.   

    With a well-established career as a presenter, Luke has worked with some of the leading broadcasters. He began his career as a digital presenter on shows like BBC One’s The Voice and ITV’s The X-Factor before becoming a presenter across the ITV network. He also presented across BBC Radio 1 and has worked with leading brands including Disney, Meta, Netflix, LADbible, Ebay, Spotify, Amazon, Primark, AMEX, and BA. He also hosted and devised the highly successful BBC Sounds/Radio 1 podcast Worst Dates which was such a success, that it was later visualised.   

    He was also part of the presenting line up for ITV’s/CITV’s show Scrambled on Saturday and Sunday mornings.   

    Luke is also an experienced live host who has worked with an array of major pop acts, including Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas and The Vamps. He fronted new music night ‘Showcase Live’ from under Chelsea football stadium and has also voiced a campaign for Spotify, choosing his favourite artists of the moment. A talented content creator, Luke has amassed a large following on social media channels and keeps his followers updated on the latest trends in music, lifestyle, fashion and of course all things metaverse.   


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