• About

    Sandra Wilson

    Sandra Wilson’s social media journey began when her daughter, Vogue Williams, posted a photo of her to her own Instagram account and was inundated with requests for her to start her own page. Now with over 25K followers, she’s an influencer in her own right.

  • Having always been a huge fan of fashion and putting outfits together, she started documenting this online and it’s now become a hobby which takes Sandra all across Spain and Ireland, finding the perfect pieces.

    A self-confessed hoarder, she loves to mix the old with the new and her signature style would have to include a hat.

    Sandra believes that age shouldn’t be a barrier to wearing trendy, stylish clothes with lots of colour.

    An avid golfer, she loves sunny days on the course in Spain or back in Ireland, visiting her family.

    Sandra has collaborated with brands such as Nuxe and Dermalogica recently.


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